Voice of the Victims Organization Vision

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and its allies, are determined to disintegrate our ancient country, Ethiopia and weaken its patriotic and united people. In contrast, TPLF dreams to build greater Tigray in the ruins of bankrupt Ethiopia. Since the impoverished and war devastated Ethiopia and its people have been under the microscope of TPLF’s, horrendous crime on humanity, never seen before in Ethiopian history, has been committed and continue to be committed.

In particular, the great, proud and patriot Ethiopian people who are the exemplary to freedom from colonization to all African nations, have been targeted for ethnic conflict by the TPLF. Our proud nation of Ethiopia has a documented history of independence for over 3,000 years. TPLF disintegrated Ethiopia and weaken its strength by declaring independence for Eretria and giving away its ports to these separatists. TPLF has allowed Ethiopia to be landlocked nation, sovereign boundaries were violated by giving border land to the nation of Sudan.

In fact, from the beginning of TPLF’s self-declared power to the present day, there has been a dramatic, horrific, persecution of Ethiopians who have been opposed to this horrendous conspiracy and nation disintegration. Under the TPLF rule, peace loving Ethiopians have been imprisoned, torture, suffered and were forced to flee their country. On the other hand, Ethiopia has been a paradise for TPLF leaders, members, and supporters. The mission of TPLF is to build a grand Tigray at the expense of disintegrated Ethiopia including displacement of grant given by the international financial support.

TPLF’s dream of creating grand Tigray nation as an independent and free country main priorities, purpose and functions are listed below.

1) Extend grand Tigray region from the original pre 1980 regional shape and size

2) Guarantee grand Tigray region to have border access to neighboring Sudan by land.

3) Build greater Tigray at the expense of weakened Ethiopian territories witch will be the only beneficiary of the economy, technology, education, health, military and industry.

4) Eliminate without compassion any entity that hinders the above TPLF plans.

The TPLF action plan based on 1) above led to the invasion of the historic and fertile Gondar region of Welkait, Tegede & Telemt as well as Wollo region of Kobo, Raya, & Azebo. The above regions were annexed beginning in 1980 long before TPLF/EPRDF took power to rule Ethiopia in 1991. The declaration of its constitution in 1991 excluded Amharas representation.

The TPLF action plan based on 2) above is to fulfil access to neighboring Sudan by annexing part of the Amhara region in Gondar specifically the fertile region of Welkait Tegede against the will of its people.

Defying the oppressive TPLF regime’s plan as shown above in 3) & 4), the patriotic people of Welkait Tegede who defended the Ethiopian border single handedly, have been condemned as an obstacle to TPLF’s greater Tigray expansion plan and targeted for extinction.

Therefore, TPLF applied the elimination of Welkait Tegede & Telemt people and resettlement of Tigray people in the region. TPLF under the umbrella of EPRDF has committed systematic ethnic cleansing since 1980.

The above criminal act has led to the following situations:

1) Native elderly historians have been disappeared without a trace.

2) Thousands of native patriots have been buried alive in an underground prison named ‘Bado 6’ in a remote unpopulated secret prisons where insects fall from top ground to the bodies of live prisoners. Some prisoners were blinded when they see the sun for the first time above ground.

3) Over 600,000 Tigray people were settled by forcibly grabbing fertile agricultural land from the natives.

4) High penalties were imposed on native residents solely to spread poverty on those who have property.

5) Thousands of Welkait native women were forcibly raped to carry Tigrian babies.

6) Thousands of native people were forced to flee out of their residence.

7) The remaining native people are treated as migrants in their own territory.

8) The remaining native people have been deprived from exercising their cultural & linguistic rights and forced to adapt the Tigrian language and culture.

Even though Welkait Tegede & Telemt issue will get resolution when TPLF is eliminated, in order to document the atrocity and crime in humanity committed by TPLF and present to the international human rights organizations, Voice of the Victims Civic Organization was established in 2009.


Expose TPLF’s criminals and individuals accountable to genocide and ethnic cleansing of Welkait Tegede & Telemt people and establish a case in international human rights courts.



  1. Gather evidence of TPLF’s criminal atrocities in Welkait Tegede & Telemt
  2. Distribute collected evidence to Ethiopian & international human right organizations
  3. Demand Welkait Tegede & Telemt land be returned to the rightful previous owners, demand the release of prisoners from Tigray’s notorious prisons and demand monetary compensation to families of those who were killed and disappeared by TPLF
  4. Keep permanent record of evidence of crime in humanity
  5. Support families of victims of TPLF’s atrocities
  6. Support Ethiopian organizations who are striving to bring lasting justice, freedom in Ethiopia

The main activities:

  1. In 2003, before Voice of the Victims Organization had its civic license, sent a letter to the TPLF’s symbolic president Girma Woldegiorgis, parliament members, foreign ministry, and regional governments of Ethiopia. We demanded the release of prisoners, return of those who were displaced, stop the illegal resettlement from Tigray, and return the Welkait, Tegede, & Telemt territory to Gondar of the Amhara region.
  2. Voice of the Victims Organization used the limited media outlets to address for the forgotten Welkait, Tegede, & Telemt people by posting articles such as, ‘the unanswered people tears’, & ‘ the forgotten people’s voice’.
  3. Gather and disseminate list of TPLF crime victims of Welkait to media outlets
  4. Contact international human rights organizations and foreign countries with evidence of victims lists
  5. Assist escaped victims of Welkait Tegede & Telemt to UNHCR for refugee protection, Amnesty International and the government of the Sudan by sending complaint letters.

Since 2012, Voice of the Victims Organization has spread extensively the suffering of Welkait Tegede & Telemt people by the TPLF through media outlets. Our effort has increased the awareness of Gondar, all Amhara and the rest of Ethiopian people about the atrocity. Voice of the Victims has achieved its goal. Thanks to the Ethiopian satellite Television (ESAT) TV and Radio, SBS, Mahder, Hibr radios and various web sites.